• How To Grow Your Brand Using Social Media by : May 29, 2017

    Chef Raphael is Kenya’s- East Africa’s- most influential Chef, with the largest following on Social media. He has over 400,000 followers on Facebook and over 16000 on YouTube. The most impressive thing is that this growth has been over the ...

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  • The Power of Prioritizing by : March 30, 2017

    High Pressure & Prioritization Some of us work in very high-pressure jobs which always seem to have a huge bulk of tasks that just never end. It can be incredibly overwhelming and it can have a very dangerous snowball ...

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  • Life Lessons From Natural Hair by : March 20, 2017

      By Rhoda Kingori Going natural ( embracing natural hair) is not just a random decision, it a change of lifestyle, change is wonderful because it helps you grow and evolve. Over the course of my journey, I have had ...

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