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Africa Trainer Awards

Zydii's Africa Trainer Awards is an initiative that seeks to identify and recognize the top African trainers creating the most impact on businesses and individuals on the continent.

Africa is rich with expertise and trainers with the knowledge that is driving change across the continent. These individuals have bravely ventured into the world of adult learning and are teaching us how to do life, career and business better.

The Africa Trainer Awards wants to recognise the top trainers across the continent, but we want you, the trainees, to nominate the trainer(s) who have had the most impact on you. So take a second and think about it… is there a trainer who changed your life? Who had an impact? If there is, go ahead and nominate them!

We want to recognise the best, the out-of-the-box, the inspiring, the fun, the life-changing trainers from Africa.

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Zydii is a workforce upskilling solution that partners with organizations to train and upskill their teams using relatable,digital training content from African experts and trainers that can be accessed anywhere at any time; online with our digital training solution or offline on SMS and USSD.

At Zydii, we are passionate about empowering Africans with skills through digital training… It is what drives our business. African experts and trainers are the foundation of our solution and the Africa Trainer Awards are a way for us to recognise trainers that are impacting lives, businesses, our continent and the world.