Who Am I

Who Am I

Who Am I?

Imagine you have walked into a job interview or pitch at a multinational corporation;…and present on the interview panel is the crème de la crème of the organization. All eyes on you, you are suddenly in the spotlight…and there goes the question, “Tell us about yourself”, what would you say?

Many of us would be thrown into a wave of discomfort; wondering how to make a powerful and positive first impression without giving away too much. The truth is most of us may get stuck because we haven’t taken the time to discover ourselves. We haven’t taken the time to find out what makes us who we are…what makes us unique.

The tendency is that we only state our name, our qualifications, our job titles. We rarely stop to think that all the people competing for the same opportunity have the exact same thing…a name, qualifications, and titles. What makes you different? The only way to find out what makes you different from the next individual is by discovering yourself.

In this first step of the first pillar of GIBÉBÉ, we talk about Self Awareness as a key foundation for success. Here are three great tactics to help you kick start your self-awareness strategy:

a)Personal Reflection: Sit back in your own quiet time to reflect on your life, family, values, beliefs, past experiences, successes, and failures etc. Your personal reflection should be written down so you can effectively appreciate your life puzzle and why you are who you are.

b)Feedback from Others: No matter how scary this is, it is important to ask the people closest to us what they think about us, what they see as our strengths and weaknesses etc. This can give you great insight into how others perceive you

c)Personality assessments: There are tools available to help you analyze and discover who you are, one of the best is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You can take the online assessment in less than 10 minutes on www.16personalities.com

The time is now – begin to explore and discover who you are and what makes you different; what makes you stand out from everyone else. This is the knowledge that can help you confidently define your role in your own life, own up to being the best you can be for your own benefit as well as others.


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