What Are My Strengths

What Are My Strengths


What Are My Strengths?

Many of us have heard of a SWOT analysis. Perhaps not just heard of it, but have actually contributed to one. It is common to undertake a SWOT analysis for a new business or project idea. What about a personal SWOT analysis? How many of us have ever really taken the time to find out what our strengths are?

Your strengths are ultimately the keys to your success. The combined knowledge of who you are and what your strengths are makes a powerful strategy to help you achieve success faster. In the same spirit, do not forget also to acknowledge your weaknesses. None of us are perfect; instead of ignoring our weak areas we should also recognize them and then work on turning our weaknesses into strengths.
Below are some simple tactics to help you get started towards discovering your strengths:

a)Watch out for Signs of Excitement:

When you engage in an activity that you are truly good at, your excitement is visible. These are activities that make you feel very engaged and energized. When you are using a core strength, you feel alive and motivated.

b)Notice what you do better than the rest:

In a situation where you are truly using your strengths, you will stand out from a crowd. Your approach will be unique. To name your strengths, you want to identify those moments and articulate how you are different.

c)Choose your sources and seek feedback:

Talk to people you know and ask them to tell you about a time when you were at your best or what they think your strengths might be. This can give you insight on strengths you may not be aware of.

These simple tactics will get you started in identifying your strengths. This should be done periodically because your strengths modify and improve as you grow in your personal and professional life. When you take the time to contemplate on your strengths and find out what you are good at, you boost your self-confidence, you become a happier person and most importantly you become an inspiration and guide to others.


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