Virtual training;

With the global COVID – 19 pandemic, we’re all learning to adjust to the new normal, and to our new world of work.

As companies are learning to navigate how to transition, in- person training to virtual training, we’ve seen organizations focus on transitioning their training to online. With remote working proving to be effective, how then can you keep your teams upskilled and transfer knowledge?

Training has gone virtual, whether you are ready or not. Just as the saying goes, forward ever backward never. We have to move with the current times. Virtual training has become imperative. But designing and delivering effective virtual training is the exception more than the norm.

In order to ensure we have effective virtual training, there are a few lesson and insights.

  1. Confronting the brutal facts – The workplace training landscape is changing dramatically and we need to learn how to navigate through it. These days people are not learning just for the sake of it but to improve themselves and up their skills. We need to consider several things when shifting to virtual training:· Why we learn.· What we learn.· Where we learn.

    · When we learn

    · How we learn.

  2. Catch the Waves -This is where conversation of learning content shifts to virtual training and also creating, developing and delivering customized learning.
  3. Pay the price – We have to pay the price of how we work and deliver a training session. We need to acquire the required skill set and toolset in order to build content that is effective.
  4. Keep your ee on the goal – All in all we should not forget the company’s goals. We need to learn how to integrate the company’s goals with the new normal.

These are just but a few. Many organizations struggle to build virtual training or convert their in- person training to virtual. Virtual training that works is still in its infancy. With rampant technical, facilitator, and learning design-issues, virtual learning too often doesn’t go well. When the entire experience is designed with the virtual learning environment in mind, you can create impactful and engaging training that achieves business results.

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