Time Management Is Not A Myth

Time Management Is Not A Myth

 Time Management Is Not A Myth

We hear about time management, time and time again (Pun intended) and as is usual for human beings, we start to zone out as soon as anyone begins the “time management “story. The reason that this topic is timeless is because most people never practice what the hear or learn and so it remains an issue that people experience every single day, generation after generation. We are going to break time management down to simple things you can do every day which will help you save time and be more productive.

To-Do List

Yes, yes, we have heard of this over and over again but the truth is that it works. The to-do list is like your mind’s coping mechanism because sometimes you can get overwhelmed; it helps your mind break down the tasks you need to tackle for the day, the key word being “day”. You should do the to- do list daily because it helps you realize the most important tasks and keeps you from wavering aimlessly.

When you begin your day completely open ended it opens the door to procrastination and you keep putting things off until the next hour or working on things that are not relevant to your goals. The list helps you focus and focus helps you go the extra mile.

Pick One Thing

The to-do list is great, but there is magic to the madness; you need to pick at least one thing on your list which you have to complete come hell or high water. Once again this helps you focus and increases your time management because if you do at least one viable thing a week, by the end of the week you will have 5 (which is an optimum number) instead of 10-15 unfinished or below standard tasks.

Time limit

Now that you have picked the one thing (which must be completed), you need to give yourself a time limit. How long do you think your task will take? You don’t have to be 100 % accurate, but this gives you a deadline to work with and helps you focus and be more productive within the time frame. Even if you complete earlier or later it is basically a game on your subconscious which gives you a sense of urgency and purpose.

There is a whole list of things which you can do, but these three are the basics which are incredibly simple and you can apply every single day.


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