The Power of Prioritizing

The Power of Prioritizing

High Pressure & Prioritization

Some of us work in very high-pressure jobs which always seem to have a huge bulk of tasks that just never end. It can be incredibly overwhelming and it can have a very dangerous snowball effect.

What do we mean by ‘snowball effect’? When you have too many tasks, you feel the urgency to do them all and as a result, finish none. The next day follows the process until you feel like you are drowning in a mountain of work which never finishes. How do you dig yourself out of the mountain? Prioritize. The word is probably just a word to you, but here are some tips to help you figure it out.

Pick One Thing

There will always be work to do but pick one thing (just one main task) and complete it. Your daily to-do list could have 10 things, but make sure that you are able to complete one as you continue to work on the others. You might be tempted to do 5, but that’s how you get trapped. Right now you might think that with just one task you won’t be able to get your load released, but over time you will realize that you have gotten a massive amount done per week, rather than trying to complete the huge tasks in limited time.


Yes, time waits for no man, but the rush to get everything done can make your efforts clumsy and less effective. The ‘Pick One Thing’ rule seems slow moving, but what it is doing is slowly programming your mind to be more organized. In time you will realize that you can get more than one thing completed because you have learned to be more organized.

Get Over It

The mind is incredibly powerful, if you keep thinking about how you’ll never get anything done, you probably won’t. You will overwhelm yourself and as per the lingo “psyche yourself out”.The energy you spend with these thoughts could be used to psychologically prepare to “get organized”. The mind is like a muscle if you feed it negative thoughts it reflects the same in your activities, but if you feed it positive thoughts- like ‘I can do this’ ‘just one thing at a time’ ‘ if others can do it so can I’ ‘I’m awesome’ – it will affect your output positively.

Practice these three simple things and get things done, reduce your stress levels and become incredibly effective.


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