The next evolution

The next evolution

We live in a digital world, think about it; we don’t go to shops to rent DVDs anymore, in fact, few of us even own the very DVDs. We currently have apps like Netflix which we can access anytime and anywhere as well as the ability to shop online from sites like Jumia and other online retailers. We live in a digital world, isn’t it the right time to start owning digital data?

Blockchain is essential because it allows us to own digital goods, assets, and data. To start with, you can own your money on the blockchain because let’s face it,  money devaluation due to corruption and financial crisis is a scary reality. Blockchain has given as alternatives and opportunity in Bitcoin, Litcoin, and a few alternative cryptocurrencies that, surprisingly enough, are less volatile than their local flat currency. The good news is if you’re living in a developed country, you will still be able to invest in blockchain.

If you use Facebook or Whatsapp, you should start thinking about investing in blockchain very soon because giant fortune 500 companies have explored blockchain and Facebook is now working on a coin that users of these apps i.e WhatsApp and Instagram- which Facebook owns, could send money to friends and family instantly, anywhere around the world using blockchain technology.

Currently, our financial records are printed on paper or even stored somewhere on a central server, but these records can be hacked, altered or stolen at any time. Blockchain regains control of this financial privacy and a few of these cryptocurrencies like monero and beam are now focusing on regaining this privacy. These are built on different blockchains, with different pros and cons- but it’s blockchain technology that makes them possible.

You can also protect your privacy by using these privacy-focused cryptocurrencies because your bank cannot sell, share, or judge you if they don’t have the data. To have a deeper understanding of how blockchain works, click here.