Tech addiction in kids

Tech addiction in kids

Technology addiction is a common phrase to most of us, but do you know the impact it can have on you or your child? If you are fond of texting people while you are walking or crossing the road or maybe you are the type of person who while people are very hungry and want to eat, insists on taking photos of the food before they start? Then you are addicted to technology. How does this make you feel?

This happens to children as well, only that it may take different forms. A good example is that of South Korea, whose statistics have really given good insights into the negative impact technology addiction is having on people and particularly children. With very serious gaming issues in the country, South Korea has had to regulate, instilling laws just to prevent children from playing games at certain times eg between midnight and six am. South Korea has invested cyber like cafes where kids go to spend even 48 hours to play games and some are in professional groups where they are trained on how to game professionally. As a result, this has seen children develop new symptoms and syndromes that scientists across the globe have never seen before. A lot of them are having issues with their fingers, a diagnosis known as as the corpus syndrome, while some are victims of arm surgeries all a result of addiction.

In fact, most statistics have it that the most popular app store category on Amazon is games, 21% of which are app games and when you look at the IOS or Google Play Store, games are extremely popular.

In terms of access, social media and porn sites were reported to be the most accessed sites on Android devices which are also highly used by children. In Kenya, it turns out that eleven years is also the average age of kids watching pornography, with ages between 1 and 18 also largely participating. Alarmingly, the teachers who also teach kindergarten have reported cases of other kids molesting other kids. But how are they learning this?

This should tell you the danger that lurks and the content they get exposed to. With this awareness, therefore, you can take steps and see to it that your kids are protected from this monster called technology addiction.

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