Stop Blaming Politicians

Stop Blaming Politicians

By Charles Adede

Stop laying all the blame on politicians because whether you blame the politicians or not, nothing changes. It goes back to something I have always said “the responsibility lies with you and what is between your ears”. You have to take stock of who you are, what you are, how you usually think and your biases. You have to really examine yourself and examine your own participation, either through negligence or active participation in this politically charged environment.

If you find you have been negligent, by not understanding yourself, your history and the human condition, by not understanding your role as a human being- if you have given up your life to be led by hooligans, thieves and tribal chauvinists and you are scared of discomfort and always wanting a padded and convenient life. Then you should also be ready for the consequences which follow, which is basically a breakdown of law and order, because that is what you have bargained for.

If you want to see some changes taking place, then you have to educate yourself so that after you  understand yourself, your history and the games which are being played, whenever any issue arises you can speak to that issue effectively. You can articulate these issues and take small but significant steps in the right direction every single day, by doing the right thing.

You need to take an active role in your civic education, in speaking positively in all your circles and riding against the wave of negativity and tribalism. This is your country and you will have to live with the results of your active participation or negligence.


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