Staying Relevant: 5 Must-Have Soft Skills in 2019

Staying Relevant: 5 Must-Have Soft Skills in 2019

If you have been paying attention, you’ll notice that the job market and the world of work is rapidly changing. Kenyan Companies are downgrading, automating and the focus has shifted from specialization of skill to multi-skilled employees – whether you work in a startup or a corporate organization.

Soft skills have become the highest selling skills, yet are a challenge for a large number of people. As people engage with their devices constantly and processes become automated, human interaction and soft skills are rapidly declining.

So what are the key soft skills that we recommend for 2019? Do you need to brush up on some of them and where can you learn them? Our recommended top 5 must have soft skills in the Kenyan job market are;


Ever had a full day of work but really can’t say what you have accomplished, or do you just get so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing? Well, productivity is not an art, it is a science which can help you get a lot done more effectively.

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Ever found yourself sending an email or WhatsApp to a fellow employee sitting directly opposite or to your boss just to avoid a conversation. Technology has made something natural become incredibly awkward. So brush up your communication skills which will also help you improve your people skills.

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Customer service

Every employee dreads these two words, but they are the words that can build your career, create networks and distinguish you from all your peers and make you money. The Customer is the most important part of any business and even though you are not in this particular department, the additional skill of understanding how to manage customers is important for every employee to have any leverage in the current job market.

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This is not just about going for team building and enjoying various team bonding activities, teamwork and becoming an amazing team player is also a skill that grows from understanding your own personality and that of others, learning how to negotiate and learning how to resolve conflict with your colleagues.

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Working in any organization whether formal or informal needs a level of professionalism. It’s not just about how you dress, but how you communicate, handle yourself and others, etiquette and most importantly boundaries. This is a skill that is not always directly taught in the workplace but can make all the difference as you look to grow from entry-level positions into higher level positions in any company.

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