Sales is Like Dating

Sales is Like Dating

What do you think about when someone mentions sales, do you automatically think of a “salesperson” or does the thought of selling terrify you? If you are in business you know that selling is an essential, if not the most important part of a business, it is how you earn revenue. The challenge is that selling is imagined to be the hardest thing, but the truth is that like any other skill, it too can be learned. Look at it as an art of seduction or the dating process. Imagine meeting a gentleman/lady on the first day, and he/she proposes to you, wouldn’t this scare you?

The same premise applies to sales. Selling is a journey, a process that requires you to prepare before approaching a customer. Similar to dating, you have to work on your confidence which is one important key to success, as it allows you to bravely approach your target. Confidence comes from understanding your strengths, if you are funny, charming, or a good listener- leverage this. Do enough research about your target audience to fully understand what he/she needs. Ask questions, not with the aim of selling, but with the aim of understanding, let them share their problems so that you can give them value; even if it is just advice. This is essential because when they are ready to buy, you will be top of mind.

Does this make any sense?  For a customer to buy from you, they have to know who you are, like you and trust you and this comes from having the confidence to engage your customers and learn more about them.

To help you gain more confidence in sales and learn more amazing tips and practices watch the video below and Click here to begin your journey.