Safety for your child

Safety for your child

I don’t know about you, but when you become a parent you realize that there are so many childhood illnesses and ways for your baby to get hurt. It is downright scary and Google can be the enemy, making us even more paranoid.

That being said one of the things I didn’t even know existed is croup. Croup is an infection in a child’s upper airway. The infection causes swelling, the swelling makes it hard to breathe, and the swelling of the airway also causes the barking cough. Croup affects children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. The most common age for a case of croup is at around 24 months.

You know it’s croup when you’re awaked by that dreaded barking cough in the middle of the night. But when we look back on how it all began, a parent may remember that the child already had symptoms of a cold, for instance, a stuffed-up or runny nose, and maybe some fever. Once the airways begin to swell, the child’s breathing becomes more difficult. In addition to the whistling noise made when the child breathes in (stridor), you might also see the child’s skin pulling in between the ribs (retractions). In more serious cases of croup, the child may seem pale or blue around the lips, which suggests the child may not be getting enough oxygen.(1)

One of the most common ways to treat croup is to run a hot shower in the bathroom (with the door closed) until the room fills with steam, sit there with your child for ten minutes. The key is humidity as well as cool air.

To learn more ways to treat croup as well as emergency first aid for choking etc click here and learn from a certified St Johns Ambulance expert.