Journey of a Mum: Weaning

“While many people see weaning as the end of something it’s really a positive thing. A beginning, a wider experience. It’s a broadening of a child’s horizons, an expansion of his universe.. moving ahead slowly one careful step at a time. It’s full of exciting but sometimes frightening new experiences..another step in growing up.”

Weaning Lessons

The moment is finally here- my first article on motherhood. This is a good thing, I think, a sign that things are more settled. That somehow I’m starting to rise above the mode of  “survival day by day”. Well, at least rising above enough to reflect on things, to discuss and to share.

Either way, please be forgiving – this is a new mum whose journey began exactly seven months ago today. A journey that is life changing and unlike any other. One that no amount of “prepping can prepare you for”. And I have had to walk this journey personally, practically, all the time realizing, in the words of Socrates..

“..that the one thing I know for sure is that I know nothing at all.” 

Weaning is one of the key milestones that has presented some interesting lessons and discoveries. I’m so excited that Chef Raphael, one of the top instructors on Zydii, has created a Weaning Course which helps mums become creative when introducing solids to our babies. Some mums choose to wean early, from 4 months on. I chose to wait six months to wean. My baby has exclusively been on breastmilk and formula up until he turned six months. At this point, milk is no longer enough to satisfy his needs since he’s super active. This is why we must start weaning when a baby reaches this key milestone of six months.

If you need medical advice and dietary tips on how best to wean your baby, please do consult your paediatrician. Otherwise, here is my first major lesson on weaning, one month after starting this journey with my little one.

It’s not about Me!

So far as a mum, I have had complete control in making all decisions for my baby. When I started weaning, I had this great plan on how I would introduce solids, which foods will start, which ones will follow, etc. I remember that moment when my baby tasted banana for the first time and absolutely hated it. No amount of convincing and sweet talking could get this little guy to eat more than two spoons. Which left me disappointed, trying to figure out if it was the way I had prepared it. Was it too pureed? Maybe needed a bit of texture? Or could it be the type of banana? Same thing happened with porridge –  thought the baby would love it and adopt super fast but that was not the case.

After a few of these experiences (and lots of reading), it dawned on me that my baby has a personality of his own. He has his own tastes, and his own likes and dislikes. For the first time, I don’t get to dictate what he does and will have to be patient – allowing him to show me what he wants instead of forcing him or deciding for him.

Avocado has turned out to be a real treat, he loves well as butternut and surprise, surprise – broccoli! The process of weaning is not a sprint but a marathon. Patience and lots of it is key. As well as allowing him to slowly learn how to eat and discover different foods, some that he’ll like and some that he will not. And even with the foods that he does not like, it’s important to wait and then try again later. Maybe with time, he’ll accept them at his own pace.

We all love food options

It’s fun to be able to provide a variety of foods and allow baby to discover different foods as long as you wait three to four days before introducing any new food. Each week, I plan out a schedule of new foods to try and if he doesn’t seem to like a particular food, I stop and switch to one that’s familiar depending on the quantity that he has already eaten. I have also been able to follow the major dietary groups, ensuring a balance between introducing, carbs, proteins, vegetables, and fruits.

For now, let me stop here and share more on my next post..I’m also going to be trying out Chef Raphael’s tips and look forward to letting you know how that worked out for us!