Life Lessons From Natural Hair

Life Lessons From Natural Hair


By Rhoda Kingori

Going natural ( embracing natural hair) is not just a random decision, it a change of lifestyle, change is wonderful because it helps you grow and evolve. Over the course of my journey, I have had some startling revelations about relationships and life in General!

Humans Don’t Appreciate “Easy”

What do I mean by “humans don’t appreciate easy”? It’s simple really, what comes or is gained easily, is easily disposed of. When I had my hair straightened, it was easier to manage, don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved my hair, but it was a functional love, I didn’t have to put in a lot of work to tame it. As a natural, I openly admit that my hair routine can be tiring and tedious at times but putting in the extra work has made me fall in love with my hair (who knew a love like this existed). Once I’ve tamed my hair I feel a deeper sense of satisfaction because I had to work at it, take the time, be patient and put in the effort. This same principle applies to relationships; men are predators and if the chase is easy they get bored easily, the sense of accomplishment is diluted and once the wooing is over and their sense of appreciation is not as intense because it was an easy victory. The same applies to women. If you put in the blood sweat and tears into a relationship, you value it more, because the complexities and challenges make both partners grow, when people stop trying the relationship becomes boring aka ‘no fire’.

Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle, but too much comfort breeds complacency; I enjoy my natural hair struggles and successes, it is worth it!

Authenticity Is Attractive

As Africans, we were socialized to believe that beauty should be a certain way and that beautiful hair is long, flowing and smooth. We ascribed to this rationale for the longest time and in doing so buried an authentic representation of African beauty. There has been a shift over the years with “I am not my hair” movement and Africans becoming comfortable with the texture of their hair, this has bred a whole generation of naturals who are bold, sassy and authentic. I have seen countless friends get a 95% confidence boost by going natural and embracing their definitions of beauty.The world now recognizes the beauty of natural African hair because we have embraced the authenticity of being African!

I could write a whole composition, but ill end it here. In short, there are life lessons in everything but today I drew mine from my experiences in the journey of a natural!


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