Life Beyond The Election

Life Beyond The Election

Since the 2007 -2008 Post election violence, the world holds its breath during each election, some with worried hearts others with some with eager anticipation. But Kenyans need to learn to share the narratives of everything else that is happening in our country and will continue to happen after. While the world focuses on the ‘impending doom’, Kenyans have been making strides and slowly changing the world and their communities. There are those preparing for the future and here are a few;

Two university graduates developed a mobile application which provides relevant information to farmers based on their needs and areas of residence. The app allows farmers to get information on farm inputs they need and where to get them. The app which is called Convi farm scooped the top prize in the Waterloo University Agribusiness Mobile Tech Challenge.

Strauss energy a start up in Kenya has been taking the world by storm and winning competitions across the globe. The founders Tony Nyagah and Charity Wanjiku created a roof tile which is also a solar panel, saving Kenyans money and contributing to the electric national grid.

Tech crunch, a huge international movement of technology innovation had its first event in Africa and chose Kenya as the location for this monumental event. In a competition packed with over 10 African Startups Kenya came out on top with Lori systems- a logistics start up-, winning $25,000.

Suhayla Aboud is an inspirational Kenyan and an advocate for Gender health issues. Her organization – Gender Health Africa is helping survivors of gender violence all over Africa and is consulted by the UN.

These are just a few of the thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Kenyan stories changing not only Kenya and Africa, but having an impact on the world and highlighting Kenya as a light in Africa.

As we buckle down for elections, let us not let our spirits be taunted and disturbed into anger, hate and worry, but let us look around us and appreciate the good things, find the inspirational stories and appreciate that you are part of something beautiful.

We are diversity, we are beauty, we are inspiration, we are one!


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