“The goal of leadership is not to eradicate uncertainty but rather to navigate it.” – Andy Stanely.

Nobody ever said that being a leader is easy. It’s very simple to bark out orders and dismiss someone if they are not performing, but it takes work to coach, mentor, inspire, and motivate your team to perform at their optimum best. That’s the fundamental difference between a leader and a manager; You must be willing to pay the price of leadership if you want the perks of leadership, according to John Maxwell.

Leading in these times requires you to acknowledge that these are uncertain times, yet we must create coherence to thrive during times like this. Last year, we had to adapt to a new system of working from home with the hope that it would probably last till the end of the year 2020. However, we got a rude awakening whereby this is now our new normal. As we grapple through navigating through these uncertainties, we need to understand the impact it has on teams.

  • Uncertainty and fear – The fear of the unknown kicks in as we try and grasp the new changes and not sure what happens next in the workplace. At this point, employees are depending on their leaders for a sense of direction and reassurance that things will work out eventually.
  • Work change – Leaders should review work goals with their workers. The projects you wanted to work on may need to be revised now that working from home is going on longer than we thought it might.
  • Technology – For many companies and leaders, this transition to remote working was tough in the beginning. We had to adjust to using technology to stay connected during these uncertain times.

These are some challenges we might be facing in trying to ensure that our times stay productive. Here is a snippet of learning how a team can thrive during uncertain times https://vimeo.com/582035118

As a leader, create a culture where your people are inspired to create great ideas, where the dreamers are encouraged to dream big dreams. Live your purpose by serving others and continually inspire your team to lift the organization to a higher level of performance.

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