Key Skills Every Business Needs

Key Skills Every Business Needs

As a business owner you need to know that there are three core skills your team needs to know for your business succeed.

Over a period of time you notice there is a consistency, when you hire people and manage teams, there are things that keep coming up over and over again. There are certain things  that if you make sure your team knows, make the chances of your business being successful much higher. This is important for everybody, but especially those businesses with a team of 5 people or more.

Customer Skills

The Customer is where your money comes from, so your team needs to have customer centered skills. Some of these include customer service, knowing what it is and things like the customer life cycle. They also need to know things like sales because sales is about bringing the customer in and marketing which is essential for customers to be aware of the product. All those things are not just for one or two people, in fact this is where we make the biggest mistakes e.g. customer service person. If your whole team understood customer skills your chances of success are high because they will sell and get you customers anywhere they go, whether it is to friends or family.

People Skills

We all deal with people every single day. People Skills is more internal, this is how people in the office are interacting, working and dealing with each other, because if there is a dysfunction there, your business goes downhill. We had a situation a few weeks back where a customer went through quite a bit because the team was not communicating effectively, we had to work on improving team work and communication because in the process of figuring it out earlier customers were wondering what was going on. One of the other key areas is professionalism, how do you handle things. It is as simple as not telling the customers that the person you are looking for is in training, well sort you another day! Customers don’t have time for your stories.

Process Skills

We want to be efficient with our businesses, we want to be structured, but most business owners hate (or rather, dislike) processes and don’t have time to put these things into place because they are out doing business or as we say in Kenya ‘hustling’. Process skills include things like productivity, when people show up to work are they just on social media, lingering by the water dispenser or do they know how to organize their time and achieve more in a day? Another which is overlooked is project management, people always assume that’s the job of one person or a department, but project skills are for everyone. If everyone had project management skills your team would get a lot done. There’s are various process oriented skills that your team needs.

When you are running a business you need to be intentional and make sure that you work on getting your team skilled in these areas. If you do, you’ll be surprised at the turnaround you will see in your business because your team will be able to be efficient and achieve what you brought them in to achieve in the first place.

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