How To Grow Your Brand Using Social Media

How To Grow Your Brand Using Social Media

Chef Raphael is Kenya’s- East Africa’s- most influential Chef, with the largest following on Social media. He has over 400,000 followers on Facebook and over 16000 on YouTube. The most impressive thing is that this growth has been over the course of 3 years.  One may wonder how a chef could figure out how to grow his brand so efficiently using social media? Well, we will help you understand.


He is incredibly passionate about food, but most importantly, he is passionate about demystifying the cooking process and making food not only fun, but simple and delicious. He never expected to get such a huge following of people on social media, because that was not his main goal. His main goal was to share his love of food with the world and anyone who wanted to learn.


He was consistent with sharing his knowledge, posting at the same time several times a week. He never pulled back because he was tired or overwhelmed. Just like everything in life, building your brand using digital means, takes time, sacrifice, consistency and most importantly patience.

Open Mindset

After his travels around the world, his eyes were opened by what his peers from other countries were up to. He decided that he can explore similar strategies in Kenya, keeping high standards but localizing his content. If you visit any of his pages, you can tell that it is Kenyan through and through.

Context is important

You must customize your content specifically for the audience you are trying to attract. Chef Raphael applied and still applies this strategy not only in his presentations and posts, but in his day to day cooking. He uses local ingredients and local tools which makes his content more relatable. People love relatability!

These three aspects clearly highlight that his strategy is to be genuine in his journey to share his knowledge with Kenyans. This is where people get it wrong, don’t just begin for the sake of beginning, but begin with the main goal of sharing value. Do something well and over time the word will notice and reward you for your expertise.


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