How to discipline your child

How to discipline your child

As the proverb goes “spare the rod, spoil the child”, if you do not discipline an unruly child, your child will grow accustomed to his/her own way. He/she will become in the common vernacular, a spoilt brat. Today I would like to help you rethink the discipline strategies you are using and why these very forms are not working for you.

While I have been receiving a lot of tips on how to fix stuff e.g. to make the mirror shine clean it with Sprite, to remove chewing gum from clothes keep the cloth in the freezer for one hour, etc., at no point did I come across one solution that addressed several problems. The same applies to discipline, meaning different mistakes will call for different actions. One of the perceptions we have about discipline is that it is that one thing you need to do to get your child to discipline behavior. This is a mistake in motion. The purpose of discipline, derived from the word instructor knowledge is that it has to have a learning component.

Think about the discipline in terms of process and time helps you come up with the method you want to use rather than grabbing onto something at the moment. Ask yourself every time what lessons you want your child to learn from this. Is it respect? Is it managing time? When you’re clear about the lesson you want to teach then you’re able to speak the discipline method you want to use to teach that lesson because discipline is creating an opportunity for the child to learn.

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