Entrepreneurship, the New Frontier

Entrepreneurship, the New Frontier


Entrepreneurship is the hype of the 21st century. Every single millennial has been raised with the knowledge that they have the potential to be their own boss because that are amazing and the world is their oyster. Some may call this entitlement, but we like to think of it as motivation and inspiration.

Unconventional Careers

Unlike our parents who believed in getting a good Job and keeping it for 20 years, millennials constantly feel the pressure to absorb, learn and branch out into their own businesses. This happens because of the intense competition In the Job market today and the untapped opportunities in a world where careers are no longer the stereotypical Doctor, lawyer, Engineer roles.

The world has evolved to a state where your expertise is valued as long as you are spectacular at something. Believe it or not, there are professional huggers, millionaire fruit guys (the vendors who most white collar workers look down on) and many more out of the box careers. The tech world alone has created careers which make no sense to outsiders but are incredibly valuable in the tech space.

Ice cream taster earns a lot of money

Challenged by the impossible

There are hundreds of articles on the internet about the characteristics of millennials, but none trumps the rest like ‘risk taking’. We all know about this, but I’ll approach from a different angle. By the time our parents were 20- 25 they were married with at least one or two children, therefore they had a lot of responsibility and could not afford to take big risks on lofty ideas at the expense of their livelihood and security.

But in this day and age people are getting married later and as a result can decide to take huge risks and start from scratch, because they have no dependents. After huge successes like facebook, WhatsApp among others, the impossible seems even more viable and possible. If there is a slim chance, the millennial can afford to take it. I mean, you can survive and eat noodles until you are back on your feet!

This is the generation of innovation and Entrepreneurship, at no time in history has it been this intense, nor as effective. Cheers to all the entrepreneurs out there navigating uncharted Seas!


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