Communication; It’s More Than Just Words

Communication; It’s More Than Just Words

Have conversations with more than just your mouth!

Communication is common, right!…Well the fact that experts constantly speak about it makes people feel like they have it all locked down and there is nothing new to learn. The most interesting thing is that there is always something new to learn. You have conversations with more than just your mouth; here is what we mean;


Your eyes can speak volumes. Your words might be right on point with whatever emotion you are trying to convey, but the eyes could give you away. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and this is incredibly correct. This is why some people say that they know somebody likes or dislikes them based on how they look at them, regardless of a smile, a hug or any other body movement. The eyes are also the best way recognize disinterest, what we mean is that someone can be responding to a conversation but their eyes easily reveal if they are bored, interested or do not care.

Body language

If language was given to men to conceal their thoughts, then gesture’s purpose was to disclose them. John Napier

Your body sends out very clear messages and human beings have the uncanny ability to sense the message even of they cannot understand it. Have you ever wondered how you can enter a restaurant and tell which people are couples? In fact, for those who are more observant, you can tell the newer couples from the old. This analysis is not based on what they are saying, but how they are acting in relation to their bodies.

There are some common gestures which you can be looking out for; hands folded in front of the chest speaks of defensiveness (in most cases), hunching reflects self-esteem or confidence issues and a firm handshake demonstrates strong character. Mindtools is a great resource with a list of interesting things you can learn from non-verbal communication.

You might have the best of intentions, but your body language could be sending out signals which people unconsciously pick up and react to.  So the next time you are interacting with people, try to be aware of what signals you are sending out. Awareness of these two factors will give you an edge in not only communicating but understanding your audience and their reaction to you and their environment.


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