One of the most frequently asked questions is if leaders are born or made. Can leadership be developed or do leaders need to be genetically blessed with leadership traits? 

Although some traits of great leaders may appear to be inherent, they may have developed key leadership traits via environments that they were raised in, or they may simply possess them naturally. Regardless, they can still enhance and develop their skills.

So why does leadership matter?

Leadership matters because the way we think about it affects how we perceive the leaders around us. It is important to note that “Leaders don’t just get work done through people; they get people developed through work”. 

How does one go about acquiring the skills that the best leaders possess? There are two ways that this can be achieved:



The greatest leaders in the world are continuous learners, it is not just about experience. Leadership training programmes and courses enable people to acquire skills required to be effective leaders. There are many different forms of leadership training available, ranging from courses that focus on specific soft skills to diverse programmes that cover all aspects of leadership.

Take a look at our course on becoming a greater leader.The course is taught by an expert who has not only trained over 5,000 leaders across Africa, but has been in leadership for over 30 years.


Mentorship is essential in your leadership journey, you need to have someone who inspires your leadership journey and keeps you accountable. This can be someone you know, but if this is overwhelming you can begin by finding online mentors, people whose journey is incredibly well documented so that you can learn from them e.g Vusi Thembekwayo

As long as there are leaders, people are going to wonder- are leaders born or made? But we believe they can be made, just as much as they can be born. Gaining hands-on experience and going through the trials and tribulations of leadership is one of the best ways for leaders to improve their capabilities.

Whether leaders are born or made, your organization may want to offer training for your employees or talent development to your people, and at Zydii, we offer courses on leadership development for your leaders at all levels. Visit our website